About MyComVT

Welcome to the webpage of IEEE Malaysia ComSoc/VTS Joint Chapter (MyComVT). MyComVT Chapter is a technical committee of IEEE Malaysia Section; it considered as the second largest group within the Section technical societies. The Chapters provide the local link to the valuable resources available from the IEEE ComSoc & VTS. MyComVT chapter have outstanding engineering programs that feed the engineering community of Malaysia and provide the Society members with valuable opportunities to network.

MyComVT Chapter organize range of activities include guest speakers, workshops and seminars as well as social functions that’s carried throughout the year. MyComVT Chapter takes pride in hosting the IEEE Malaysia International Conference on Communications (MICC) and International Symposiyum on Telecommunication Technologies. Moreover MyComVT Chapter Technically Sponsor other International conferences (IEEE ICC, VTC, ISPACS, IWTS, NCTT, etc..), this involving financial sponsorship and/or organizing committee from local members.

Some history on the formation of MyComVT chapter:

  • Malaysia ComSoc Chapter ( Formation Date: 26 June 1992 )
  • Malaysia Joint Chapters – COM 019/ VT 006 (Formation Date: 9 May 2006)